15/06/17 12:00PM
It's Time To Team Up To Overcome The Ladybug Menace In Trove
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Are you tired of the peace of Trove world? There is a chance for you to be a hero of Trove! Due to the invasion of the tyrannical ladybugs, chaos rages down upon the Trovian landscape in Adept adventure worlds and above.


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06/06/17 10:55AM
Trove: Latest Hotfix
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On Tuesday, May 30, Trion World released a small hotfix to fix a issue that the Rock Riot Dock mag rider not properly unlocking in Trove.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed...

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05/06/17 11:58AM
Trove Currencies Are Split Into Four Forms
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One of Trion Worlds' Sandbox MMO game that fulled with voxel-based landscape is Trove. Players choose from more than an unique currency - like flux.

Currency is split into four forms. These currencies have glaringly different properties and uses, and are very seperate from...

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08/05/17 11:31AM
The 3 Best Solo Class In Trove Suit For Newbie
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The free to play MMO Trove is coming to the Xbox One. Trove is a blocky MMO with a focus on dungeon crawling. Trove is aesthetically similar to the now abandoned Cube World, and it's been available on the PC for a year now. Itís an enjoyable game thatís easy to pick up and play during some...

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08/05/17 11:21AM
Buy Safe Trove Flux Safely At U4GM Professional Team
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Want to buy Trove Flux form a online website? U4GM is your best choice! As a best MMO gold shop, we are selling...

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